Violin Books for Children and Adults

It is never too early to start learning a violin!

In my experience, young children are very open and receptive to learning new instruments, songs, rhythms and movements. Even though I love teaching children, it is important to find the right way to explain things to them, so that they can start implementing their knowledge right away.

Learning with colours works extremely well with children of all ages!

“That’s why I decided to create this simple and playful learning method, which will allow your children to dive into the beautiful world of music and discover new possibilities through the help of colours and other fun tools presented in the books.

These violin books are for children from the age of two!

Part one and part two are now available for purchase!


My Colourful violin, pt.1


My Colourful violin, pt.2

⬇️ This book is perfect for adult beginners and children
starting from 5 years ⬇️

Violin song book for beginners of all ages.
Effortless learning with the system of the color coded strings: order my new book on amazon and start enjoying the new songs with the corresponding string colors!

The Christmas song book with Color Coded Strings is available as well!